Balancing between reliability, stability, and dynamicity

Venture, Growth Capital
Break down investment style by ‘growth stage’ and ‘market cap’

New Technology Financing

Main Business(based on the legislation of Technology Credit Guarantee Article 41)

  1. Investment on new techonology
  1. Loans on new techonology
  1. Form and manage new techonology fund(VC funds)
  1. Technology and management guidance

Subordinate Work(based on the legislation of Technology Credit Guarantee Article 46)

  1. Credit/Secured Loan Service
  1. Discount of Notes
  1. Factoring Service(purchase/manage/collect the corporate sales credit)
  1. Payment Guarantee

Scope of New Technology Entrepreneur

SMEs who develop or commercialize new techonology

A. SMESs who practice 'New Techonology Entrepreneurship' in the below

  • · Product/Process development research
  • · Commercialization of the development results
  • · Introduction or improvement of new technology
  • · Development/commercialization of the technical know-how that improves productivity or reduces production cost or saves energy

B. Entrepreneurs in presidential decree

  • · New technology entrepreneurs specified above whose total assets is less than 100 bn KRW and the number of full time employee is less than 1,000.

C. Industrial Techonology Research Association

Investment Method