Using flexible investment method by Partnership + Industry/financial mega trend

Create value and smart money investment
E&INVESTMENT not only has wide human networks and professional workforce to invest in venture, growth/buyout, but also can provide opportunities for the firms to thrive based on optimal investment structures and cooperate with our resources to keep up pace with changes in industrial structures and private equity market in South Korea.

Create value

After investment, we creating new values through activities for strengthening corporate capabilities

Smart money investment

We ensure consulting company with the optimized solution without limitation

Invest for value

We seek long-term growth potential with the client’s company

Validation Process

The member of E&INVESTMENT is consists of examiner who is experienced over 20 years in financial industry.
Our decision making process consider multilateral views such as, industry condition, market status and independent corporation.

Risk Management

3 Major risk factors in PE investment

Market Risk

Changes of valuation multiples during investment periods

Credit Risk

Credit risk of investee

Operational Risk

Internal operations of GP: moral hazard